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Eating Disorders – A Serious Mental Health Condition

We live in a competitive world where women and men are fighting to gain popularity or to become successful in their careers, but when image and knowledge are part of that competitive world, people become obsessed with their appearance and body weight. Always looking for new diets to lose weight.

Therefore, eating too much or eating too little becomes the lifestyle of many, without even thinking that we can get sick from both habits. There are certain diseases that we must recognize like anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge eating, all of them are considered eating disorders conditions.

If you have fear to gain weight and even though your body weight is the correct for your size and age, but you keep thinking that you are overweight and stop eating because of your beliefs, probably you are in denial and that could be an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa.

Other eating disorder like bulimia means people use laxatives or diuretics and when overeating then they force vomiting, and binge eating disorder when people eat even though they are not hungry or eat too much in a short period, feeling ashamed after that.

However, eating disorder is a serious illness and has to be taken seriously, your life is at risk if you do not find the cause and follow treatment. Whatever the condition is, only people with qualified knowledge will prescribe medication and the right nutritional treatment to control the disease.

Any of the treatment options for eating disorders are different for each individual and depending on the disorder, the doctors will recommend a complete detox, and then will follow nutritional counseling to avoid the abuse of the substance or the excessive eating habits.

Also, when people are depressed or suffer from anxiety, these conditions can worsen the eating disorder … Read More..