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Alcohol is the most widely available and most widely accepted substance of abuse. 90{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3} of people in most Western societies consume alcohol, and alcohol problems arise in 30{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3} of drinkers.The definition of alcoholism refers to repeated complaints in different areas of a person’s existence due to alcohol, despite which the person continues to consume alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol-related disorders can be classified into 3 groups:

Disorders related to the direct effects of alcohol on the brain: intoxication, withdrawal, delirium of withdrawal and alcoholic hallucination

Alcohol related behavioral disorders: abuse and addiction

Disorders with persistent effects: Alcoholic dementia, Wernicke encephalopathy, Korsakoff syndrome

Epidemiology of alcohol consumption:

  • Drink at least once – 90{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3}
  • Drink now – 60-70{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3}
  • Temporary issues – 40{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3}
  • Abuse – Men 10{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3}, Women 5{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3}
  • Dependency – male 10{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3}, women 3-5{8e63d13b06e41e7854e128cc855795e2f3f636331270fcf572f2f2f7a84fd9a3}


Genetic hypothesis: Close relatives of alcoholics are at 4 times more likely to have problems with alcohol consumption

Psychological hypothesis: the anxiolytic, antidepressant and alcohol relaxant effect can be an easy solution to manage stress or traumatic situations

Behavioral Hypothesis: Alcoholism is a behavior learned through premiere and hardening debut after first contact with alcohol.

Signs and Symptoms:

Tolerance – manifested by the need to ingest increasing amounts to achieve the desired effect.

Abstinence – when sudden consumption stops, specific physical and mental signs disappear if alcohol is consumed. Signs are: anxiety, psychomotor restlessness, sweating, tremors in the extremities, general malaise, nausea, vomiting.

  • There are successive efforts to reduce or stop alcohol use but are unsuccessful.
  • It is time and money to buy or drink alcohol, but also to recover from its effects.
  • Other day-to-day activities are gradually abandoned in favor of consumption.
  • There is a clinically significant impairment of social and personal functioning.
  • Alcohol use is continued despite the awareness of the problem or the occurrence of physical complications.

Complications of alcohol dependence:

Digestive: hepatic steatosis, risk for acute pancreatitis, esophagitis, gastritis, liver cirrhosis.

Cardiovascular: high blood pressure, alcoholic cardiomyopathy with heart rhythm disturbances that can become fatal.

Neurological: peripheral neuropathy, hepatic encephalopathy with confusion, agitation

Psychiatric: simple or complicated withdrawal syndrome, alcoholic dementia, alcohol depression.


The objectives of the treatment are:

  • Increasing motivation for abstinence
  • Stabilization of acute or psychiatric physical states
  • Identification of social support resources and their correction
  • Improving professional integration
  • Increasing the chances of successful treatment by maintaining adherence to post-cure structures or self-help groups such as Anonymous Alcoholics
  • Prolonged support for the restructuring of an alcohol-free life and to reduce the risk of relapse
  • At the anaheim california rehab these objectives are primary.

Treatment of alcohol withdrawal

Seizure occurs about 12 hours after the last ingestion of alcohol and reaches a maximum intensity in 48-72 hours. It represents a medical emergency that can lead to death in the absence of adequate therapeutic behavior.